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Mercury Free Fillings

Amalgam fillings, also called silver fillings, by weight are about 50% mercury, joined with silver, copper and tin. Dentists have used amalgam to fill cavities since the 1800’s. Today, millions of Americans receive mercury fillings each year.

However, amalgam use has begun to decline with many doctors, who are switching to Resin – Composite (white) fillings due to the potential harmful effects of mercury on the human body. From the use of amalgam fillings, mercury vapor is released by tooth brushing and chewing when your fillings or leaking or broken. In general, significant levels of mercury exposure can permanently damage the brain and kidneys.

Fetuses and children are especially sensitive to its harmful effects, and scientists have found that mercury levels in the blood, urine and body tissue rise contingent to the rise in the number of amalgan fillings.

So, please consider safe Resin – Composite fillings for yourself. They are more appealing since they blend with the natural coloring of teeth. In addition, composites require less removal of tooth structure since they bond to the tooth. Therefore, they restore most of the original strength of the tooth.